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Are you a health practitioner looking to enhance your clients' wellness outcomes? Then it's time to explore the world of bioenergetic technology.

It's the 21st Century Health Solution

And it's ready to transform your experience as a health professional.

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We all get into the health and wellness industry to help other people feel better and live up to their potentials. 

So what if you could:

Start to see better and faster results with the majority of your clients.

Make your practice so unique, people couldn’t help but talk about it.

Offer additional services without doing additional work.

Focus less on business and more on your passion.

Have a business that’s growing financially so you can continue helping people for years to come.

You can experience all of this and so much more by partnering with NES Health, the global leader in bioenergetics. Read on to see how we can help to grow your business in the next 60 days!

But lets start at the begining:

What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is a cutting-edge approach to healthcare that focuses on the body's energy systems and their impact on overall health. By analyzing and optimizing these systems, practitioners can help improve clients' outcomes in areas such as blood pressure and stress management.

“Bioenergetic technology analyzes the body's energy systems to improve outcomes in areas such as blood pressure and stress management.”

This technology works by using advanced tools to measure bioenergetics markers in the body, such as electrical conductivity or thermal imaging. Based on this data, practitioners can create personalized treatment plans that address imbalances in energy flow and promote healing from within. With its focus on holistic wellness and individualized care, bioenergetic technology represents an exciting frontier for the future of healthcare.

How Bioenergetic Technology Works

Energy flow plays a critical role in human health and wellbeing, with disruptions believed to contribute to various health issues such as high blood pressure. Bioenergetics is the study of energy flow within living systems, including humans. Electromagnetic and subtle energies are essential components of bioenergetic processes that regulate bodily functions.

Utilizing technology to measure and manipulate energy fields has become an integral part of bioenergetics research. By using specialized equipment, practitioners can assess their clients' energy levels accurately and identify any imbalances or blockages that may be contributing to their symptoms. They can then use various techniques such as frequency therapy or acupuncture to help restore balance in the body's energy field.

Overall, integrating bioenergetic technology into healthcare practices offers a promising future for improving patient outcomes by taking a holistic approach to promoting wellness from within.

Benefits of Bioenergetic Technology

Bioenergetic technology offers significant benefits for improving healthcare outcomes. By leveraging the body's energy fields, practitioners can improve diagnostic accuracy and create faster and more effective treatment plans. This holistic approach to wellness also provides cost-saving benefits for patients by reducing the need for expensive treatments or medications, ultimately leading to improved patient satisfaction. Incorporating bioenergetic technology into your practice is a smart choice that enhances patient care and helps you stay at the forefront of modern healthcare practices.

Improved Accuracy in Diagnosis

Quantum Biofeedback Analysis, Electrodermal Screening Technology, and Bioenergetic Scanning have revolutionized the accuracy of diagnosis in healthcare. By measuring and analyzing energy patterns in the body, these technologies provide practitioners with a deeper understanding of their patients' conditions. Here are some benefits to using these bioenergetic tools:

  • Creating personalized treatment plans based on individual needs
  • Pinpointing specific areas for treatment rather than relying on generalized approaches
  • Identifying underlying imbalances that may not be detected by traditional diagnostic methods

With improved accuracy in diagnosis, practitioners can confidently treat patients with greater precision and effectiveness. The integration of bioenergetic technology into healthcare practices marks an exciting shift towards a more holistic approach to healing.

Faster and More Effective Treatment

Energy medicine therapies, frequency healing modalities, and light therapy treatments are revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare. By tapping into the body's natural energy systems, these cutting-edge treatments can provide faster and more effective relief from a wide range of ailments. Energy medicine therapies use techniques like acupuncture, reiki, and qigong to balance the body's energy fields and promote healing. Frequency healing modalities utilize specific frequencies to target areas of pain or dysfunction in the body. Meanwhile, light therapy treatments harness the power of different wavelengths of light to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration. With bioenergetic technology on your side, you can help your clients achieve optimal health outcomes in less time than ever before.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Preventative bioenergetic interventions can lead to reduced healthcare costs by addressing health issues before they become serious and require expensive treatments. With the use of advanced technology, practitioners can identify imbalances in the body's energy fields that may be contributing to negative health outcomes. Elimination of unnecessary medical procedures and testing also contributes to cost reduction while minimizing patient discomfort.

Minimizing the need for pharmaceutical drugs is another way bioenergetics helps reduce healthcare costs. By identifying underlying causes of illness, practitioners can address imbalances with non-invasive techniques rather than relying on medication that often comes with unwanted side effects. Other ways bioenergetics can reduce healthcare costs include:

  • Lowered incidence of chronic disease
  • Reduced hospital stays
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • More efficient use of resources

By incorporating bioenergetic technology into their practice, health practitioners have a powerful tool at their disposal for reducing healthcare costs while enhancing overall patient wellness and improving treatment efficacy.

Bioenergetic Technology in Practice

Bioenergetic technology is transforming the way we approach healthcare. By using advanced tools to measure and analyze energy flow in the body, practitioners are able to identify imbalances and address them before they become serious health issues. This innovative approach has been shown to improve outcomes for a wide range of conditions, from chronic pain to mental health disorders.

Successful implementation of bioenergetic technology requires a comprehensive understanding of how it works and how best to integrate it into your practice. Case studies have shown that practitioners who take the time to learn about this cutting-edge technology are better equipped to provide their clients with effective treatment options that can lead to improved outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

Integrating Bioenergetic Technology into Your Practice

Understanding the basics of bioenergetics is crucial for health practitioners who want to integrate this technology into their practice. Bioenergetics is based on the idea that energy flows through the body and influences our physical, emotional, and mental states. By understanding how energy moves within and between living beings, health practitioners can identify imbalances in their clients' systems.

Selecting the right bioenergetic tools for your practice can be overwhelming due to a large number of options available. However, it's important to choose tools that align with your expertise and meet the needs of your clients. Whether you're using acupuncture, sound therapy or frequency generators, make sure you understand how they work before incorporating them into your practice.

Training and education are essential when integrating bioenergetic technology into your practice. It's important to stay up-to-date with emerging research in this field if you wish to provide optimal care for your clients. You may consider attending workshops or taking courses from experts whose approaches resonate with yours. By investing time in learning about bioenergetics, you'll develop confidence in applying these technologies effectively while improving outcomes for your clients and growing as a practitioner overall.

Case Studies of Successful Implementation

Bioenergetic technology has proven to be a game-changer in the healthcare industry, with several case studies showing its effectiveness. One such study conducted by a medical center revealed that bioenergetic treatment resulted in improved patient outcomes, leading to an overall reduction in hospital stays and medication costs. Another study showed how bioenergetics increased efficiency in diagnosis and treatment planning, reducing wait times for patients.

But perhaps most telling of all are the positive feedback from patients who have undergone bioenergetic treatments. They report feeling more energized, balanced, and experiencing relief from chronic conditions that traditional medicine had been unable to resolve. With these successful implementation cases backing up its efficacy, it's clear that integrating bioenergetic technology into your practice is the future of health and wellness.

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Experience It for Yourself

As a health professional, wouldn’t you like to know firsthand what’s possible for your clients and how to get to the root cause of whatever’s bothering them the most? Well we’d like you to see for yourself what a bioenergetic assessment can show you in just seconds.


We’ll send you our proprietary body-field scanner so you can connect it to a computer and take your own reading. (Or scan with your voice to get started even more quickly!) We’ll then have one of NES team members reach out to discuss your results. They’ll show how it relates to your own life experience and, upon completion, you’ll receive 5 Infoceuticals* -- our proprietary remedies that support the body-field, or the control system of the energy in our bodies.

Or you can firstly book a complimentary zoom call with Vesna to discuss first hand what this system offers. 

Learn & Earn on Our 60-Day Trial

Exclusively available to those who are already health and wellness professionals, our powerful trial lets you go beyond experiencing bioenergetics for yourself. You can assess clients and see how your clinical results are enhanced when you add Infoceuticals into the mix for them. You can even charge for your new services and get the retail markup on Infoceuticals.

And while there are plenty of details you can learn over time, rest assured that the software is immensely simple to get started with, and you can rely on its automated remedy recommendations to jump right in with confidence.

In short, experience business growth by simply adding new services to the mix and enhancing results for your clients, even while you’re still learning.

This trial comes with:

  • The NES Health scanner. (Retail value of $50.) Use this with a computer to capture wellness assessments in seconds. (You can also use your voice to get started more quickly -- no waiting for the scanner to arrive. Clients can also scan by voice or purchase their own scanner and send you their scans from the comfort of their home. Perfect for those who do health coaching by phone!)

  • A 1-on-1 coaching call to walk you through YOUR first scan; this not only shows you how to use the system, but also shows you the insights you can gain into someone’s health. (Retail value of $150.)

  • 5 bottles of NES Infoceuticals based on the results of your scan so you know what it’s like to take them. Start seeing your own shifts in energy, emotions, and overall wellness. (Retail value of $150. USA only. Contact us for offer details in other countries.)

  • Online training about all our software screens and their associated remedies, as well as additional training on the science of bioenergetics. While our system is simple to use, we include online training to take you into the nuances of the science and how to work with clients to get results. Here’s just a morsel of what you’ll learn:

    • The secrets of embryology and how they help explain the strength of energy in the body.

    • How traditional Chinese medicine and its meridian system tie in to the modern understanding of communication in the body.

    • How to see and address the energetic effects of shock and trauma in the body to restore proper body-field function. See why the body’s germ layers play such a crucial role here!

    • An entirely different view of pathogens and how the body heals itself … from the storehouse of healing messages to the possible use of pathogens in the healing process!

    • The role of the heart in the body’s communication process. How it is more than just a pump. (And maybe not even a pump.)

    • Much more!
  • Access to recorded and live webinar trainings.                                                             

  • Complete use of our cloud-based scanning system (unlimited scans), client platform, and business tools for 60 days. (Retail value of $794.)

  • Access to wholesale pricing of NES Health products, as well as drop shipping services in case you have remote clients or simply don’t want to stock our products.

  • Access to our private Facebook group, where you can interact with other health professionals to discuss clinical matters - priceless access to centuries worth of experience!

  • Book a free discovery call

    Unlocking the Power of Bioenergetics: The Future of Health and Wellness

    Grow Your Health Practice in the Next 60 Days!

    Get 60-day TRIAL

    "Since adding NES Health to my practice, I have continued to demonstrate time and time again the power of quantum wellness, the power of the scan, and that the scan is never wrong. It can truly offer insights into the body, both mind and physical wellbeing, that the medical community cannot comprehend often, nor understand. It truly is a remarkable system."

    Lydia Hackett-Jones


    "I was introduced to the NES Health system by Peter Fraser and Harry Massey. Their presentation took me beyond what I already knew about natural medicine, so I was sold on NES Health immediately. Since then, NES Health, with its amazing science and technology, became an integral part of my clinical work and my personal health regimen. NES allowed me to take better care of myself, my extended family, and my patients, empowering myself and them on our healing journey."

    Dr. Susan Bostian

    Integrative Health and Nutrition

    "I became a NES Health practitioner to take my wellbeing into my own hands after suffering from chronic pain for 9 years, yet the more I learned about my own energetic body and experienced the benefits of the BWS, the more I felt an urge to share it with the world. It is truly a rewarding job that has allowed me to find my purpose in life."

    Maximilian Waid

    NES Health Practitioner

    Book a free discovery call

    Discover more:

    The NES miHealth is a powerful hand-held biofeedback device that is non-invasive and effective for reducing stress and re-educating energy flow to support and stimulate the body's innate healing abilities. 

    This device is also an incredible, non-emergency resource for those with muscle and joint soreness and injuries. miHealth is also beneficial for all family members with any health issues. 

    Learn more about miHealth device

    *Infoceuticals are liquid supplements that provide guidance to the body’s control system, improving the function of the body-field so it can restore proper function to the rest of your body. 

    Infoceuticals use information imprinted onto structured water to do this. When ingested, the imprinted information is delivered directly to the body-field to help restore it to its most optimal condition. 

    Learn more about Infoceauticals

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