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Holistic Womb Wisdom & Spiritual Pregnancy

Hi There!

My name is Vesna and I`m an Emotional and Bioenergetic Health & Wellness Coach.

I`m a mother of two: a girl and a boy and every pregnancy brought different challenges. I started exploring Soul Journey when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was quite disappointed when I couldn`t just buy a book with all of the information that I was looking for. I could only found bits and pieces here and there. Every piece that I found, raised another question.

I continued my exploration journey in my second pregnancy. I read tons of books, participated in webinars but the gratest wisdom came from my own spiritual exploration and healing experiences (I will share more).

I designed EMPOWERED FOR PREGNANCY - Energetic and Spiritual view on conception, pregnancy and birth mastermind because I wanted to share this very important knowledge with like minded women, who understand that we are so much more than just a physical beings. That we are made of energy and that energy flows within our body. We are embodied Souls, who came to discover all of the beauty (and the challanges) that life has to offer.

I also want to share the importance of physical and energetic state of a mom-to-be and how her well-being is impacting the unborn baby. Baby is not separate from the mother. Everything that happens to the mother, everything that she experiences is imprinted in the baby. 

If we want to help the future generations, we need to heal from our own trauma, so that it doesn`t transfer to our children. We need to have the knowledge and the practices to support the journey for the mother-to-be. 

I struggled to get pregnant, I have had a miscarriage, and I truly do understand just how hard it can be. 


I`m inviting YOU to take a journey with me and sign up for my FREE mini video series. In this videos I share more about:

  • - 12month pregnancy process,
  • - how fertility is impacted by stress and what you can do to prevent  damage
  • - and about the role of your kidneys in fertility. 

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My interest into spiritual and holistic healing world goes 20 years back, after my parents got divorced. My mom dived into Reiki and Theta Healing, Crystals and Angels, Sound Healing and Bowen`s Therapy. Me and my sisters were her first clients :) and soon after that I followed her footsteps. I`m a Reiki Master, Theta Healing practitioner, I have gained knowledge in Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and TCM nutrition and Face Yoga. I`m a NES Health Practitioner and a student of Emotional medicine. I run my own healing practice and I help women all over the world.  I`m a Microbiology graduate and I have worked as a medical sales representative for almost 10 years, where I have gained medical knowledge.

Mastermind program includes all of those holistic approaches. Everything is in one place for you to implement into your life.

Testimonials from my previous programs:

Today I watched the last part, because I could be with you live. One BIG Thank You, all 4 modules are wonderfull, full of spiritual wisdom and useful information.  ❤❤❤


Great program! Really great over view on Soul˛s Journey, pregnancy and birth. I saw a baby in my belly during the meditation and I took it as a sign that he/she is coming soon...


Unbelivable knowledge and you are such a warm person! Thank you for this class! 


This was exactly what I was looking for! I have gained deeper understanding into conception and pregnancy.


I was really impressed with all the knowledge that you shared! ❤ I felt warm and light during the meditations, I will practice them frequently.


What I liked the most is that all of this important knowledge is in one place. It was a very good investment into myself. 


Did you know that pregnancy is actually a 12 month process and not just 9 months? Pre-conception months the most important for preparing your physical body for a healthy pregnancy.

This is also the time when the baby, mother and the father`s soul make agreements on spiritual level about their life together.

Those months are also ment for the mother-to-be to soften, to relax, and to make space into which the new soul can come into. 

This Mastermind program gives you the opportunity to get to know holistic approaches to improve fertility and support the pregnancy.

You will learn why the emotional state of mother-to-be is important and how to prepare yourself for birth/labour.

I will share useful advice, meditations and processes to help you prepare your body for conception and to deepen your connection with your baby to have a magical pregnancy.